Cottage cheese (paneer) stuffed Bell peppers


bell peppers,


onion, tomato,

garam masala,


lemon juice For stir fry:



sweet corn,


dry or fresh herbs

Cut the stem portion of the bell peppers, remove all the seeds and make the peppers hollow to stuff. Grease the peppers with oil inside out and keep it aside. Scramble the paneer

Take a pan and put it on low flame, add some drops of oil and stir fry cumin seeds till they start popping. Add some chopped onion, stir fry it till it changes its colour, add scrambled paneer and tomato. Add some garam masala or your favourite seasoning. If the paneer starts drying sprinkle some water on it. After frying the paneer mixture for 4-5 minutes on low flame remove the pan from the flame and keep it aside to cool.

Stuff this mixture in the hollow peppers and put it on low flame for 5-7 minutes till the peppers change colour. You may eat this as it is without other veggies.

For stir fry veggies

Heat some oil on the pan, and add all the cut veggies in the pan, add some lemon juice, chilly flakes and other herbs like mint, oregano etc.

Add salt to suit your taste.

Mix it, put a lid on the pan and keep it on low heat for 7-8 minutes. Keep stirring the veggies for a few minutes, so they are all properly cooked.

Serve the bell peppers with some stir fry veggies as per your choice. Add some cheese on the top of bell peppers if you wish.

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