Overnight Oats Jar

Regular oats 1 cup

Almond milk 200 ml

Chia seeds 1 spoon (soak in luke warm water)

Pumpkin seeds / sunflower seeds 1 spoon

Fresh figs, black grapes, strawberries

Dry goji berries, blueberries


Honey half spoon

Today’s jar is full of fruits.

Take one cup oats and mix it with 200 ml almond milk and keep it aside.

Cut the fresh fruits in slices or just small pieces.

Add the chia seeds in luke warm water and keep aside for 10 – 15 min till the seeds double in size.

Take a glass jar (or container or bowl).

Start making layers in the jar. At the bottom add oats, add honey if you wish.

Then start layering all the fruits, dry fruits and chia seeds.

Or randomly just mix everything.

Keep this jar in refrigerator overnight.

Oats will absorb the almond milk and all the flavour.

It is a very tasty as well as healthy option for breakfast.

It being so colourful, kids will also enjoy this jar.

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