Paneer Veggie Sandwich

It’s a sandwich without bread. I am using two slabs of paneer and stuffing some amazing veggies in them to make this fabulous healthy sandwich.

250 gm paneer cut in equal slabs

Half broccoli

7-8 mushrooms finely sliced

2 spoons of sweet chilly sauce

Half onion finely sliced

1 garlic finely chopped

1 spoon butter

Salt to taste

Olive oil

Heat oil in a pan and add finely chopped garlic till it changes its colour.

Add sliced onion and sauté it till it becomes soft, then add broccoli flowers and mushroom slices.

Let it get sautéed for 5-6 minutes, later add one spoon of sweet chilly sauce and some salt and pepper for taste and put a lid on the pan for next 5-6 minutes. Broccoli takes more time to cook.

When it is cooked, shut the flame and let the mixture get to room temperature.

Take a non stick pan and put it on low heat.

Add butter, let it get melted and then put the paneer slabs on it just like toasted bread.

Let paneer change its colour, then remove it from the pan.

Put lots of veggie stuffing on the paneer slab.

Then place the other paneer slab on it just like a sandwich.

It’s a very healthy and tasty sandwich. Any sauce, veggie or chutney of your taste can be used to make this sandwich more yummy and healthy.

Happy EATING !

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