Netherlands – land of Canals, Tulips, Windmills, Art and Bicycles

We (my partner Raman & I) love to travel; our plan is to visit as many countries as & when possible. He enjoys planning the trip and I love doing the bookings, finding the best flights and accommodations, hence we enjoy this planning process. Thanks to the internet we can plan our trip much in advance and without any tension.

This time we planned a trip to the beautiful country of Netherlands – the land of Canals, Tulips, Windmills and Bicycles.

We booked Jet Airways flight Mumbai to Amsterdam, which was the first bump of our trip as the airline company went bankrupt and their staff was going on strike same day that our trip started. Fortunately our flight departed on time and everything went well despite rumours of the flight getting cancelled. Fortunately our direct return flight was KLM so we were safe. We reached Amsterdam on time early morning and after collecting our bags we straight went to get our I Amsterdam cards. Its the best card for travellers to move around and do sight-seeing in Amsterdam


Suddenly I realised that I had collected someone else’s suitcase, which was identical looking to mine and I was very scared. Raman collected our two cards but I was in no mood to even see those cards as we rushed back to contact the baggage service to return that suitcase and if lucky get my bag back. The guy at the counter called his officer who did some security check of that bag and then allowed us to re-enter the baggage area. We went to the belt where I collected our baggage, but no luck my bag was not there. I was worried that if I don’t get my bag I will have to buy new clothes and I don’t know who’s bag I was carrying, I was blaming myself. Then I saw an Indian guy reporting about his missing bag and he had left my bag at the counter. He had almost filed a police complaint about his missing bag. We rushed to him and explained the situation; he was very kind and understanding, still I was absolutely embarrassed about my carelessness. But like I always say we always learn something in every tour, may be travelling is learning. We exchanged our bags, we thanked him many times and went out of the airport to get a taxi to our hotel and start our amazing trip. It started with a bump, but we were sure that we would be careful.

We had plans to explore Amsterdam city in five days and the rest of the Netherlands in a week & two days we were travelling to Belgium.

I am going to share my experience in multiple posts, so I will talk about my 1st day in Amsterdam in the next post.IMG_1737

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